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one liner 

/:  line in Argus - best line in ampersand in forever:
"Mrs. Vernon, the Queda to Mr. Vernon's Al, ..."
that is all
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a piece, moslty 

/:  2 rooms, separated by a thin wall {like two high rise rooms} such that speech {at approx normal volume} in one room can be heard in the other as mostly unintelligible bassy speech. Put mic in speech room and connect to speaker in audience/recording room. Turn down the lows on that line. Make the delay on that line, either through a delay effect or through the natural delay of running from mic to speaker significant, though not too much, so that it is interesting. Text is read in one room, comes through in two sections, low end muffled through the wall, highs through speaker, but later. Text is ??? [Harry Potter?].

unrelately, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.
and of course Jan Svankmajer!
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/:  secretsfound
AT-ST: check

check for string quartets:
philip glass
danny elfman
don davis
john williams
alvin lucier
terry riley
steve reich {already know one+}

LOTR soundtrack
backing soda -> fridge
Such A Night Dr. John -> Beck
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