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/:  mr raven
by mc lars
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cherry picker - flagpole incident 

/:  walking from north college -> campus center.
look over at the flag pole.
see some guys and a cherry picker with a guy in it at the flagpole.
cherry picker is almost fully extended and as i am walking by reaches full extension towards the top of the flag pole {trying to get the flag rope through the top pulley}.
guy in cherry picker is just short {few feet?} of pulley.
guys on ground yell "come on!" "come on!".
hilarity, but i walk out of sight {just between 2 buildings}

did guy stand on edge of basket? call taller cherry picker? taller guy?
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/:  wink
old bay
prometheus on ice/iceskating
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a picture. also, the science center is cool 

/:  http://www.segsinthecity.net/segmove3.gif
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not a quote 

/:  art form:
bend piece of metal, reflect light

music to check out:
cat power
joss stone

nellie mckay
regina spector
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"Best Workout Videos" from aol 

/:  'Dirty Little Secret' The All-American Rejects
'1 Thing' Amerie
'La La' Ashlee Simpson
'Girl' Beck
'Let's Get It Started' Black Eyed Peas
'Crazy In Love' feat. Jay-Z Beyonce
'What's My Age Again?' Blink 182
'Toxic' Britney Spears
'Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)' ... C+C Music Factory
'Run It' Chris Brown
'1,2 Step' Ciara
'Gasolina' Daddy Yankee
'Say My Name' Destiny's Child
'Free Your Mind' En Vogue
'Do You Want To' Franz Ferdinand
'Feel Good Inc.' Gorillaz
'What You Waiting For?' Gwen Stefani
I'm Glad Jennifer Lopez
'Move Your Feet' Junior Senior
'Daft Punk is Playing in my House' LCD Soundsystem
'Since U Been Gone' Kelly Clarkson
'Hung Up' Madonna
'Mr. Brightside' The Killers
'Lose Control' Missy Elliott
'La Tortura' Shakira

{http://music.aol.com/feature/rock_to_your_health - url may no longer work}
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